Overview of the Founder Hypothesis

This website is on the Founder Hypothesis, which is a new hypothesis about the emergence of human civilization by interactions between humans and extra-terrestrials.

The Hypothesis

The Founder Hypothesis postulates that an advanced extraterrestrial civilization colonizes Earth-like planets and its members then live on them as etheric life forms. This civilization, which we call the "Founders", colonizes these planets with the aim of bringing forth intelligent life there. One of these planets is Earth.

The aliens cannot live on Earth as biological life forms because their biology is not compatible with that of the plants and animals living here. Instead, they live in a virtual reality, interacting with humans on Earth only by recording and modeling their brain activity. This is perceived by the people as telepathy or mental disturbance.

The Founder Hypothesis is supported by a large body of evidence. It includes statistically highly significant evidence for the existence of various parapsychological phenomena, the existence of mental disorders such as schizophrenia, recent evidence for the existence of UFOs and much more.

The primary goal of the extraterrestrials seems to be to abolish the free will of humans in order to gain control over their thoughts and actions. Their further goals could be to to accelerate technological progress of human society and to give humans the opportunity to continue their lives after death.

The Book on the Hypothesis

The scientific basis of the Founder Hypothesis and the resulting implications for the history and future of humanity are elaborated in the book

"Rewiring the Human Brain: How Extra-terrestrials Shape Humanity"

The book questions much of what we think we know about the history of mankind, but without questioning established scientific disciplines such as evolution, physics and archaeology themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to some frequently asked questions.

Is the Founder Hypothesis just another conspiracy theory?

No. Certainly schizophrenic people may feel that there is a conspiracy against them. Essentially, however, it is not a conspiracy, but a long-term extraterrestrial project aimed at guiding the destiny of humanity. It began thousands of years ago and will certainly continue into the distant future.

Is the Founder Hypothesis the same as the Ancient Astronauts theory?

No. The ancient astronauts theory postulates that intelligent extraterrestrial beings visited Earth and made contact with humans in antiquity and prehistoric times. They helped them with their advanced technology to build monuments such as the Egyptian pyramids. In contrast, the Founder Hypothesis states that all historic monuments are man-made and that extraterrestrial beings may have never visited Earth as biological life forms.

Is the Founder Hypothesis pseudoscience?

There is no such thing as pseudoscience. There are only testable and untestable hypotheses, as well as good and bad research practice. In the past, bad research practice dominated in the field, but this is about to change.

How is it possible that humans have not yet discovered any traces of extraterrestrial technology on Earth?

As physicists know, reality consists of two layers that share the same space. The first layer consists of the ordinary matter that we can perceive with our senses. The second layer consists of dark matter. Both layers of reality would normally interact only through gravity. However, they can possibly interact in a goal-directed way by using appropriate technology. It seems to me that the extraterrestrials have constructed their technology from dark matter particles.

Who is the book aimed at?

The book is aimed at anyone who finds the textbook interpretation of human history implausible and is looking for alternative explanations. But it is also aimed at people who are affected by schizophrenia and are looking for an explanation for their illness. Finally, it is aimed at people who have convinced themselves of the existence of UFOs and are now wondering why the extraterrestrials are actually on Earth.